Blog Posts: August 2014

Telford Shopmobility Prices

On 26 August 2014
The Telford Shopping Centre in Shropshire offers a comprehensive Shopmobility scheme.All users must register before use of any equipment and new mobility scooter users must also undertake a full training session to be eligible to use the scooters. Wheelchairs will also be offered in the interim until scooter training has been completed. Once a training course is complete there is an annual registration fee of £10 to cover adm.... [More]

Brighton and Hove Shopmobility

On 25 August 2014
For those people living in or around Brighton and Hove with mobility issues, the Brighton & Hove Shop mobility is a scheme that provides people with electric scooters, manual wheelchairs or powered wheelchairs.This scheme allows those people to have the freedom to travel in and around the area.Fees start from as little as £3 and you simply need to complete a registration form from the Shopmobility Centre (see below).  Bring along t.... [More]