Safety Considerations

While it may not always be the case that other shoppers and travellers are mindful of your presence or give your mobility difficulties additional consideration, Shopmobility users must ALWAYS use equipment with care to ensure their own safety, the safety of others and the safety of Shopmobility equipment.

The points of safety below are a useful guide for all Shopmobility users:

Always take notice of the instructions Shopmoblility staff offer regarding the use of your vehicle do that you operate correctly and safely at all times.

Always operate any motorised scooters or wheelchairs at a low speed when in busy or confined areas, and in particular, reduce your speed when cornering as there may be oncoming pedestrians who are unable to see you.

Always try to be courteous and considerate to others around you. Remember that pedestrians often change direction and stop suddenly, causing you to need to stop suddenly to avoid an accident. You may not be able to stop as quickly as a pedestrian, so only use reasonable speed and try to give others as much space as possible.

If it is necessary at any point to leave equipment unattended, always make sure that you take the key with you and that the equipment is left where it will not cause inconvenience to others.

When travelling from the pavement to cross a road, always try to use dropped kerbs, or when climbing regular kerbs, approach them at right angles.

Under no circumstances should you let anyone else use the equipment issued to you, or let anyone ride a Shopmobility vehicle with you – even if they are a small child – because this compromises the vehicle’s balance and your safety.

In the event that you do have an accident, inform the Shopmobility staff. They will then ensure that you are uninjured and that the vehicle has a safety check before it is used again.